October 13

plastic bag leave thing

Our task was to see what happened if we taped a freezer bag to a branch of leaves and leaf them alone for in the sun for a day.

I prodicted that the leaves would go dry and change colour.

I dont know why it would change colour but i thought they would dry out because of less air and lots of sun

but because it had been in the sun with a cealed bag the leaves collected moisture


June 6

pantoum poem

Rock on guitars.

Guitars are awesome.

because Guitars are loud.

Guitars just rock.


Guitars are awesome.

Guitars are impressive.

Plug in the amplifier.

Keep calm and play guitars.

Forget about the love songs so sad and slow.


Plug in the amplifier.

Because guitars are loud .

Forget about the love songs so sad and slow.

Rock on guitars.Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 11.55.43 am:my guitar



May 13

100% me

8% spend time with friends

8% love shooting and hunting

8% love to cook and eat food

8% fabtabulous drawer

8% very good at being annoying

8% kick butt a GTAV

8% love to kick box

8% have a tallent for rollerblading

8% boss at clash of clans

8% talk and get out with my family

8% play sport all the time

12% crazy about Potter!