March 25

my favourite movie

World war z. this really cool because the zombies are really realistic unlike other zombie movies they walk at the victim a say brainz. In world war z the zombies sprint at you with their vains sticking out of there head. on other Zombie movies the zombies come back from the dead and world war z it is a virus that causes the problem. Thats why world war z is my favourite movie

March 23

chapter 1- The little house

At the end of the road Jane could see the old house surrounded by garden gnomes,

the outside was nice but when you look through the chipped bedroom window there were clothes all over the floor, the curtains were shredded to bits and the walls were as dusty as when you are driving down a dirt road. Suddenly there was a scream for help. “HELP! HELP! OH NO, HE’S GOT MEEEEEEEE”. The voice was coming from the back of the old house, I sprinted towards the back fence. I bounced over the fence it was my little brother with a cheeky grin on his face. What a little creep you are Oscar.

Anyway what are you doing in someone elses house. No one lives here. Still, you shouldn’t be in a backyard that you don’t own. I’m staying here said oscar. then at that moment there was a growl. Then a whisper that said, leave this house, this is my house why did you come here, leave now or else. Or we could go now. Oscar murmured. Then there were these things jumping the fence, dragging their foot behind them, their shirts and pants were ripped with an ugly face with blood as red as cherry’s dripping from its mouth“. what do we do now.” said oscar. I  guess we get eaten alive. No we don’t we will find some weapons. But where said jane. In that house. but who knows what’s in there. but it’s a risk to save ourselfs from getting bone crunched by those things . alright, lets go then said oscar. Jane stays right behind oscar. I’ll go up stairs to that gun cabinet in the corner. Be careful said jane. come with me so you can gets some weapons. can you get my guns and knives.

what you to scared. n n nnn n no. come on then. jane and oscar walk up stairs oscar grabs the 22 lever action with a big pig hunting knife and a gun jacket full of ammo jane grabs the same but she grabs a 3.0.8 pump action 20 shot


Chapter 2- gun training

As jane and oscar walk out with their knives and guns they see a whole heap of those brain eating things 5 meters from them. “RUN”!. yelled Jane. “But there,s nowhere to run”. ‘yes there is, out the front yard”. “we will get trapped”. “grab your knife out  we will kill them one by one with our knifes”. they approach the zombies armed with a knife,  one by they start collapsing to the ground soon the zombies are scattered all over the ground like food left over from a birthday party.” Quick run back to our house”. they hop over the fence then bolt back through the neighborhood, then they reach their house, they look back at the house, ‘there,s more coming”.


chapter 3hardcore

“Lock up the house, nail those wooden boards up against the windows grab that big display cabinet and push it up against the front door ,lock the back and front door then come up the stairs with me, and bring your gun”. “you shoot out of the left window”. “take them all down”. boom boom bang. grrrrrrrrrrrrr raaaaaaaa. boom bang boom. “I,m out of ammo”. said oscar. “what your out of ammo”.” yep”. “Quick shoot”, “they have broken through the front door’ boom boom. “cover me I will secure the door”. oscar pushes the cabinet up against the door then strapped it there with some extra strong straps. “go up stairs and finish them off” said oscar. boom! boom! bang! bang! boom! bang!. with the last zombie she says “good night “and throws a knife into the zombie’s skull.Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 1.02.15 pm

March 4

Hello world!

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