August 6

The Adam Goodes story

Adam Goodes, it’s not his fault that he’s  Aboriginal, but he’s proud to be one and this case i think has nothing to do with racism. Adam Goodes got called an “Ape” by a thirteen year old girl and Adam only pointed her out and he didn’t tell security  to order her off the field.Later the police asked Adam if he wanted to press charges against “poor innocent girl” and he said “no” and about the booing, I have no idea why that happened. Also on the Crows Vs Swans match the crowd showed a massive amount of support. Alot of the rubbish is all made up. The war dance was taught to him by kids and when he did that dance at a football match he was just showing the kids, hey look what I can do. My opinion is that Adam Goodes is a nice guy.

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