September 15

The Girl Who Cried Whale

The girl who cried… “Whale!”

Once upon a time there was a mother and a daughter. They woke up very early in the morning to go on a big fishing trip. It was the 10th time they were going  fishing  and this time they were ready, because every time they would go out they would never catch anything. As they walked out onto the deck and looked at the frosty grass, Lucy told her mother, “it’s cold.”  “Quick, get into the car.” said Mum. Lucy and her mother got into the car and started up the engine. “Mum, can you put the heater  on?” “ yes lucy”

About halfway through the trip they passed Macaroni Creek. Lucy looked out the window and looked into the creek. “ Mum! Look, a whale!” yelled Lucy.

“Don’t be silly, whales can’t live in creeks.” said mum

“Just kidding” giggled Lucy. After about half an hour later of driving they finally arrived at Macaroni Bay. Lucy looked out  to the sea, “Mum, look a whale!” said Lucy.

“Where!?” said Mum.

“Just kidding” laughed Lucy

“Don’t do that!” exclaimed mum.

“Fine! And mum, I have a question, where’s the bout.

“In my handbag dear.” said Mum

Mum pulled out this little bag that said ‘Inflatable Boat in 2 seconds’. Mum put the boat on the ground and pulled the little piece of string. Kapoof! A boat appeared, right in-front of Lucy’s eyes, but poor mum got hit right in the scone.  “Are you alright” asked Lucy

“I’m fine darling” replied mum. “Now, let’s get fishing” said mum.


They hopped in the inflatable raft and sailed out “Mum!  There’s another, whale!”

“Where, where, I can’t see any whale” said mum

“Just kidding.” said Lucy

“What have I told you about pretending that there’s a whale,” yelled mum

“well, would you like me to pretend that there’s something else.” replied Lucy

“No, don’t pretend anything!” yelled mum back at Lucy in a sharp tone.

“Ok” sighed Lucy.

“This looks like a good spot, why don’t we fish here.” said Mum

“Good plan mum, let’s fish here.” replied Lucy. They starts to thread the hook through the worm, then they let the line drop right down to the bottom. Suddenly they started pulling in fish after fish. They started to run out of bait because they were catching so many fish. Then all of a sudden everything went dark. “Mum!” exclaimed Lucy, “whale!”

“I’m not falling for it this time.”

“But, but….”

“I told you, I’m not falling……-” Crash! Splash! Slosh! The boat was crushed by a massive whale. So that was the    end of Lucy and her mother.
The End

September 15

ANZAC Spirit

Anzac Spirit


The men thought it would be a great adventure,

but they didn’t get the picture.

Flanders field was filled with poppies.

They were shiney red and floppy.


They prayed for the war to end,

but there was no fun weekend.

So they fought for four years

to say another cheers.


A painful bullet to the chest will make you cry,

but our Anzac spirit will never die.

September 15

Term Three Reflection

This term we have completed many things, like a World War One biography, fractions in maths; football, netball and golf in P.E; paper mache and plaster modelling in  Art and much more! The World War One biography was  the best unit but I wish I could  do better next time. I was still happy with my work however just not my presentation because I didn’t edit it well. I enjoyed Golf in P.E because I got to go and play for our school, andI had a great day with my group. They were: Maddi, Chloe, Gianni and myself. My favourite topic in Art was painting a mini canvas and we were blending colours. I was blending the colour blue as a moon in the background and  I drew a really cool tree with a permanent marker. They were my highlights of term three.