May 13

100% me

8% spend time with friends

8% love shooting and hunting

8% love to cook and eat food

8% fabtabulous drawer

8% very good at being annoying

8% kick butt a GTAV

8% love to kick box

8% have a tallent for rollerblading

8% boss at clash of clans

8% talk and get out with my family

8% play sport all the time

12% crazy about Potter!

May 10

persuasive text

All Children must be active


All children and even adults must be active.


To begin with, it’s always very healthy to be active because it keeps you fit and energetic and besides it’s way more enjoyable than watching television 24/7. Don’t be one of those people who sit on the couch and eat donuts for a hobby.


Secondly, being active can also help other people in need.

You can help by skipping for the Jump Rope For Heart foundation or charity fun runs. There’s loads more so you must try out some of these great things.The money will go towards people with cancer, disabilities, heart disease, the homeless and children with no one.


Lastly, you can be helping your body for your future job. What do you want to be when you’re older, a footballer, netballer an olympian, a fireman? You name it you will need energy.


Take my advice use it and you will stay active fit and energetic.